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How to download IBM Security QRadar SIEM fixes from the IBM support site

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TitleHow to download IBM Security QRadar SIEM fixes from the IBM support site
Extreme will no longer be posting RPM fixes (DSM/Scanner/Protocol), Script files or WinCollect files. These instructions will show users how to download them from the IBM support site.
  • Access to
1. Goto:
  • 1. New users will need to create an IBMid to download fixes. Goto and complete steps #8 & #9 prior to moving onto sub-step #2 below.
  • 2. Select "Fixes, updates and drivers"
Select Fixes updates and drivers
2. Product Selection
             Use the product selections shown below*
  • 1.) * the only variable for customers is <Installed Version>
  • 2.) Select <Continue>
Select product
3. Identify Fixes
  • 1.) Leave the default <Browse for fixes> selected
  • 2.) Select <Continue>
Identify Fixes

4. Identify Fixes - continued
  • Select Fix Type (Extreme has historically posted DSM/Protocol/Scanner(VIS) RPM files along with Script & WinCollect files which will now need to be downloaded through IBM Fix Central.)
  • 1.) Selecting <Show fix details> will show file abstracts once Fix Type is selected.
  • 2.) You can also subscribe to desired fix types etc.
  • 3.) Example: Select <DSM> (Device Support Module)
Fix Central
5. Fix Type Selected (with fix details hidden)
  • Fixes are displayed by Release date by default or customers can use the search bar.
  • 1.) Example: Select the <Skyhigh Networks Cloud Security Platform> DSM fix
DSM interim fix selection
6. Download Options
  • 1.) Select <Download using your browser (HTTPS)> as the download method (simplist option)
  • 2.) Select <Continue>
Download Options

7. Download File
  • 1.) Select the file for download. Depending on the browser type, users should see the "open or save as" prompt.
Download File
8. Create IBMid
  • This is required to download fixes.
  • 1.) Enter "IBMid" into the search bar
  • 2.) Select <IBMid - Sign in or create an IBMid>
Create IBMid
9. Create IBMid - continued
  • Follow instructions for creating an IBMid.
  • Return to Step #1, sub-step #2.
Create IBMid continued
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