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How to upgrade and download an S-Series or K-Series Firmware Image via local Serial Console port using Z-modem

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TitleHow to upgrade and download an S-Series or K-Series Firmware Image via local Serial Console port using Z-modem
How to  upgrade and download an S-Series Firmware Image via local Serial Console port using Z-modem
  • S-Series
  • K-Series
  • All firmware versions
  • Local console connection
  • USB-to-RJ45 console connection
  • USB to MicroUSB console connection
     1. Download and install either TeraTerm or HyperTerminal (preloaded on windows XP) for your terminal program
     2. Download firmware image from our Extranet
    3. With the console port connected power up the device and keep pressing any key to get into the boot menu as seen:
###You have 3 seconds to access the bootloader menu###
Press any key to enter System Image Loader menu
[System Image Loader]:
     4. Set the baud rate to 115200 with command: 
[System Image Loader]: setbaud 115200
     5. Change either TeraTerm or HyperTerminal now to 115200 as well to match this new baud rate
     6. Prepare blade to receive the file by typing download, then from your terminal session program you must select to send the file after:
[System Image Loader]: download
Preparing to receive file...
###Start the ZMODEM transfer from the terminal software###
Writing file...
Download successful.
[System Image Loader]:
     7. Once complete, issue command list to view the files loaded:
[System Image Loader]: list
Filename:      720010001
Size:          4527490 (bytes)
Date:          FRI DEC 10 15:32:24 2010
CheckSum:      d89ace409317bc765789fce1c73b8745
Compatibility: listOfCompatibleDevices
     8. Set the new boot image then reboot the blade:
[System Image Loader]:setboot 720010025
[System Image Loader]:boot

Note: When a device is booted, the device baud rate is reset to 9600. After issuing the boot command, reset the terminal application baud rate to 9600 so that it will continue to display output from the device
Additional notes
For Console into a Fabric Module, you can use the RJ45 to DB9 console adapter and plug into corresponding chassis COM port.  If the module is an I/O Module you are trying to upgrade, you need to use a USB to Micro-USB adapter and plug directly into the I/O module COM port after installing a special driver found here:
Once the driver is loaded, connect the USB to Micro-USB to the chassis and PC, then check under WIndows device manager > Ports (COM & LTP) to see the COM port to use with Putty for console access

Downloading an S-Series Firmware Image via the Serial Port



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