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How to embed logo into Captive Portal Page

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TitleHow to embed logo into Captive Portal Page
This guide aim to guide user on how to embed logo into the Captive Portal Page
  • WiNG 5.X Controller
  • WiNG 5.X AP
Logo files can be embedded into the captive portal page.
  1. Header Logo url: http/https url to logo file(size 90 X 130)
  2. Footer Logo url: http/https url to logo file(size 25 X 45 )
This logo files can be placed under captive portal server itself. You will need to upload the logo files into system:/flash/, then specify the filename in the field.

The syntax will be as follow:
copy <source-url> <destination url>

  FILE  File to which to copy
        Files: flash:/path/file
               running-config (merges with current configuration)
  URL   URL to which to copy
        URLs:  tftp://<hostname|IP>[:port]/path/file

In this example, the captive portal policy is named as guest
and the logo file is named as download.png
RFS7k-70# copy tftp:// flash:/custom-logo.png

You can verify whether the logo file is uploaded successfully by doing the below command:
RFS7k-70# dir flash:/
Directory of flash:/

  drwx             Mon Oct  9 16:58:19 2017   archived_logs
  drwx             Tue Oct 24 13:45:33 2017   log
  drwx             Tue Sep 26 14:13:29 2017   cache
  drwx             Tue Sep 26 14:13:29 2017   tmptpd
  drwx             Tue Sep 26 14:13:29 2017   upgrade
  -rw-   2195      Tue Oct 24 13:46:28 2017   custom-logo.png
  drwx             Mon Oct  9 17:04:31 2017   crashinfo
  drwx             Tue Sep 26 14:23:38 2017   hotspot
  drwx             Mon Oct 23 14:06:10 2017   floorplans

Then specify to use the uploaded logo in the captive portal policy:
RFS7k-70(config)#captive-portal guest 
RFS7k-70(config-captive-portal-guest)#webpage internal login main-logo custom-logo.png
RFS7k-70(config-captive-portal-guest)#com wr
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