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How to enable Fast-Termination on ADSP?

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TitleHow to enable Fast-Termination on ADSP?
How to turn on fast termination for ADSP connected sensors?
  • AirDefense Service Platform 9.4
  • ADSP 9.4
​Be advised that this operation requires ADSP to restart processes!
  • Login using smxmgr from ADSP machine
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  • Go to Config
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  • In Config menu, type FTMODE. The screen will display the current status
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  • Select Enable/Disable the FTMODE and quit the menu to apply changes
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  • ​While exiting the menu, ADSP services will restart
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Additional notes
Fast Termination configuration is not retained on upgrade from 9.1.3-10d3 service release to
9.4.0-11 (via 9.2 -> 9.3 -> 9.4).
FTMode needs to be enabled via CLI as above, restart ADSP services and enable it in the GUI.

The ADSP 9.4.0-11 release adds support for Fast Termination for AP 8432, AP 7532 and AP 7522.
Support is limited to these access points to be used together with WiNG firmware.
In addition, AP650 is also supported with the same firmware but is limited to no fast termination.
This release is limited to South Korea and is not available for use in other countries.



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