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How to enable Single Sign On (SSO) on ExtremCloud IQ (XIQ) public cloud

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TitleHow to enable Single Sign On (SSO) on ExtremCloud IQ (XIQ) public cloud
The article describes process about how to enable Single Sign On (SSO) on the customer's VIQ on ExtremCloud IQ (XIQ) public cloud.
  • ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Public Cloud
1. Customer creates the admin accounts that will use SSO on XIQ
Global Settings > Account Management
2. Customer prepares the federated metadata file after having the Federated services configured in the environment
3. Customer raises a support case and provide the federated metadata file and VIQ ID
4. Support engineer submits an internal ticket with the metadata and VID ID to work with the CloudOps team 
5. After the SSO is enabled for the customer's VIQ on Extreme side by CloudOps, support engineer updates the customer and provides the metadata from Extreme
6. Customer configures the application with the following settings on the federate system and import the metadata from Extreme
  • Identifier (Entity ID): sso-va:aerohive:prod
  • SSO URL / Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL):
  • Relay state:
  1. Customer needs to ensure the service is setup for IDP-initiated SSO only because SP-initiated SSO is not supported by XIQ. 
  2. In the step 6, leave "Sign on URL" empty when configuring Single sign-on in Azure AD
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