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How to enable Spanning tree on the S4-Series?

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TitleHow to enable Spanning tree on the S4-Series?
  • How to enable Spanning Tree on the S-Seires
  • S-Series
  • All firmware version
  • From the CLI of the switch type the following command, If necessary, globally enable Spanning Tree: example
set spantree stpmode ieee8021
  • This example shows how to display the device’s Spanning Tree configuration:
Extremenetworks->show spantree stats

SID - 1
Spanning tree mode - enabled
Designated Root - 00-e0-63-6c-9b-6d
Designated Root Priority - 0
Designated Root Cost - 1
Designated Root Port - ge.5.1
Root Max Age - 20 sec
Root Hello Time - 2 sec
Root Forward Delay - 15 sec
Bridge ID MAC Address - 00-e0-63-9d-b5-87
Bridge priority - 32768
Bridge Max Age - 20 sec
Bridge Hello Time - 2 sec
Bridge Forward Delay - 15 sec
Topology Change Count - 6539
Time Since Top Change - 00 days 00:00:00

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