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How to enable ac-strict on WiNG v5.9.4

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TitleHow to enable ac-strict on WiNG v5.9.4
How to enable ac-strict on WiNG v5.9.4
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WiNG v5.9.4.0-020R added a new feature to restrict the radios for wireless clients that support only 802.11ac. This feature is currently only available under the Command Line Interface (CLI) from a supported WLC and/or Extreme Wireless WiNG 5 802.11ac access point. 

This feature can be enabled via the AP Device (self) or AP profile and devices must be running firmware v5.9.4.0-020R. 

This feature supports the following:

Strict 11ac association - capability to restrict association and probe response only to 11ac capable clients. User may add restriction to the 11ac clients either on association or on probe, or on both.

This example is from an RFS4010 v5.9.4.0-020R and adopted AP7632 v5.9.4.0-020R making the modification via the AP7632 profile.

After successful login via the wireless controller CLI, use the following:
>enable [enter]
#config [enter]
#profile ap7632 xxxxxxx [enter]        (x represents the ap7632 profile name on your controller)
#interface radio x [enter]             (x represents radio 1 or 2, typically on radio 2 due to the available channels for 802.11ac bonding)
#assoc-response ac-strict [enter]
#probe ac-strict [enter]
#com wr [enter]
Additional notes
Clients that do not support 802.11ac will not be able to associate to the radios when ac-strict is enabled on the radios. The syslog would show the following event for a non-802.11ac wireless client trying to associate:
Apr 08 13:48:35 2019-04-08T13:48:36.150854-07:00 7632-2 %DOT11-5-CLIENT_DENIED_ASSOC: Client 
'40-83-DE-16-EB-44' denied association on radio '7632-2:R2' wlan 'WPA2': restricted to 11ac clients



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