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How to enable jumbo frames

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TitleHow to enable jumbo frames
How to enable jumbo frames for switching and routing
To switch jumbo-frames support for that need to be enabled on the ports involved.
Enabling jumbo-frames is done using below command:
enable jumbo-frame ports [all | <port_list>]

The jumbo-frame size can be adjusted if needed using below command: 
configure jumbo-frame-size <framesize>

Enabling jumbo-frame support on the ports only enables jumbo frame support for L2 switching. If jumbo-frames need to be routed you need to change the ip mtu for the vlans that will route these.
This need to be adjusted on every vlan that will route the jumbo-frames (ingress and egress).
In Exos, the default MTU size after enabling jumbo frame is 9216.

• To set the MTU size for the VLAN, use the following command:
configure ip-mtu <mtu> vlan <vlan_name>

If you dont configure ip-mtu for the correct size of the jumbo-frames routed packets will be fragmented which will decrease the throughput.

Additional notes
*If a LAG is configured make configuration on master port only.
To check the MTU size after enabling Jumbo frame, use below command 
show ports <ports_number> information detail



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