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How to enable web interface on an EXOS switch

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TitleHow to enable web interface on an EXOS switch
  • How to enable web interface
  • Enable access to the switch through a GUI interface via the web
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In EXOS version 15.6 and lower http is disabled by default in EXOS and must be manually enabled.
In EXOS 15.7 and higher http is enabled by default on an unconfigured switch. 

For HTTP access:
  1.  Type enable web http
For HTTPS access:
  1. If the switch is running 16.1 or earlier, install the EXOS SSH module.
  2. Generate an SSL certificate to be used with the command:
    1. configure ssl certificate privkeylen <length> country <country_code> organization <org_name> common-name <name>
  3. Enable the HTTPS web interface with the command enable web https

To confirm whether HTTP/HTTPS access is enabled:
  • Issue the command show configuration detail thttpd
X440G2-24t-10G4 # show configuration detail thttpd
# Module thttpd configuration.
enable web http
disable web https
configure ssl certificate hash-algorithm sha512

  • Issue the command show managment
X440G2-24t-10G4.7 # show management
CLI idle timeout                 : Enabled (20 minutes)
CLI max number of login attempts : 3
CLI max number of sessions       : 8
Telnet access                    : Enabled (tcp port 23 vr all)
                                 : Access Profile : not set
SSH access                       : Disabled (Key invalid, tcp port 22 vr all)
                                 : Secure-Mode    : Off
                                 : Access Profile : not set
SSH2 idle time                   : 60 minutes
Web access                       : Enabled (tcp port 80)
                                 : Access Profile : not set

Additional notes
Port 80 will be used for HTTP and Port 443 will be used for HTTPS.
The web server must be enabled in order to use the EXOS REST API as well.



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