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How to enforce policy without pushing down CoS values from the Policy Manager domain

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TitleHow to enforce policy without pushing down CoS values from the Policy Manager domain
Enforce Policy without CoS settings
  • Policy Manager
  • Wireless Controllers
  • Policy Enabled EoS and ExoS switches
  1. From Policy Manager's tree on the left side of the screen, select the device under Network Elements.
  2. On the right side of the screen, select the General Tab
  3. Set the Class of Service Mode to Role-Based Rate Limits
  4. Select the device components that you wish to push down from the CoS components pull down menu.  The None selection will not enforce down any CoS values.
Note that setting the class of service mode on XoS and EoS switches will enable or disable CoS on the switch.
Additional notes
For devices that don't support CoS state such as Wireless Controllers, the action to set CoS components is available and you can chose the components to be pushed down by selecting the checkbox for each one.  Selecting None will not push any CoS values in the policy domain down to the device.

If the pull down is grayed out or doesn't allow you to hit the down arrow and bring up a menu, you will need to follow the following process to enable this function:
  1. Pull down the Tools menu in the Policy Manager application
  2. Select Options
  3. Under the Policy Manager folder, select Default Class of Service
  4. Set the default state to Role-Based Rate Limits, hit apply or okay.
  5. Delete the wireless controller from the Policy Manager domain
  6. Add the device back to the domain
  7. The action to choose CoS components should now be available
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