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How to exclude a server or services from Purview data.

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TitleHow to exclude a server or services from Purview data.
To filter out certain IP addresses or protocols from being reported in Purview
  • Netsight Oneview
  • Netsight Purview
1.  From Oneview->Applications->Purview Appliance->Configuration->Configuration Properties

       Below we have two servers we wish to exclude, as they are SNMP monitoring devices, and not valuable to report on to customer.

        The IP addresses are and
2.  Click on Add, give it a name, then insert the value, as shown below. No spaces between the excludes, but a comma, and a semicolon between the devices themselves.
User-added image
3. After this is complete, the Purview appliance must be enforced via Oneview to take affect.
    For details on how to Enforce an appliance see How to Enforce a Purview Appliance
Additional notes
an additional more descriptive filter to just remove snmp would be




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