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How to Export Alarms via Legacy Netsight Console (Java application)

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TitleHow to Export Alarms via Legacy Netsight Console (Java application)
How to export alarms via Legacy Netsight Console (Java application)
  • XMC
  • OneView
  • Netsight Console
  • Console.jnlp
  • Event View
  • Version 8.x
Steps for exporting alarms via XMC legacy Netsight Console interface (Java application): 
  1. Launch "Netsight Console" from one view
    • Hover the mouse over "Network" and click on "Netsight" to download the "Console.jnlp" file. 
    • Open the file when the download is completed. 
  2. Login to Netsight Console
    • The Netsight Console main window will open
  3. Click on the Alarms tab of the XMC Event View
Note: The Extreme Management Center (XMC) Event View (located at the bottom of the Extreme Management Center Console main window)
lets you view alarm, event, and trap information for Console and other Extreme Management Center applications.
  1. Click on the upper-left corner of XMC Event View to display the Table Menu
XMC Event View Table Menu
  1. Click on Table Tools > Export

Additional notes
The supported formats are "HTML (default) and Delimited Text - *.cvs, *.txt". 
See also: How to configure alarms based on traps in Extreme Management Center



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