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How to forward local multicast L2 traffic to multiple ports

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TitleHow to forward local multicast L2 traffic to multiple ports
Switching IP traffic with multicast destination mac-address starting with 01:00:5e without flooding
  • EXOS
  • Unicast IP, multicast mac (01:00:5e), multiple ports
Normally you can create a multiport multicast static fdb entry to send traffic to only these ports and not flood traffic.
  create fdb <mac_addr> vlan <vlan> ports <port_list>
But if the destination mac address is the one from IP multicasting (01:00:5e:.....) then other rules apply.
All traffic to 01:00:5e is copied to the CPU and flooded to all ports in the vlan.
Only when you disable igmp snooping on all vlans that traffic will not be flooded and will only egress on the configured ports with the static fdb entry.

Other options to prevent flooding is using ACL's to block the traffic on egress on the unwanted ports.
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