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How to gather an ExtremeWireless Access Point trace tarball file from the Access Point itself

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TitleHow to gather an ExtremeWireless Access Point trace tarball file from the Access Point itself
Retrieving an Access Point trace tarball log file when it cannot be retrieved through the GUI.
  • ExtremeWireless appliances
  • All Access Points
  • All firmware versions.
  • If the AP is reachable through SSH, then start a session.  If not, and the Access Point has a console port, connect a serial to RJ45 cable connection to a laptop/desktop.
  • Log into the Access Point.
  • Issue the command:
    • get_traces <tarfile_name>  
      • *NOTE = tarfile_name can be anything the user wants, but a good recommendation is to name the file with the AP name and the date the trace command was issued.
    • cd /tmp/tftp
    • ftpput [remote_host] [tarfile_name] [tarfile_name_1]
      • remote_host = the network laptop or desktop to where the file will be copied.
      • tarfile_name =  the tarfile trace log name when stored on the laptop/desktop (recommendation is to keep the same filename as the one used when creating the trace log file)
      • tarfile_name_1 = the trace file currently stored on the Access Point.
Additional notes
There will be times when network access is truly limited, probably due to the Access point in a constant reboot state, or the Access Point does not have a console port.  For those times:
  • Determine the ethernet MAC address of the Access Point, to be used in a DHCP server search to find the current IP address the Access Point may have.
  • Once an IP address is determined, try an SSH session to the Access Point.
    • If the Access Point is in a constant reboot state, there will be a window of 4 - 4.5 minutes when a successful SSH session can be achieved.
  • If the SSH session is successful, issue the commands above as quickly as possible to ensure a successful FTP transfer of the AP trace log file.

This article provides additional information on scheduled the AP trace log gathering through the GUI and CLI:
How to schedule Access Point trace bundle collection



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