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How to generate and enable an EXOS license key

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TitleHow to generate and enable an EXOS license key
How to generate and enable an EXOS license key
  • Summit
  • BlackDiamond
  • EXOS 11.1 and above
  1. Navigate to the Extreme Networks Support Portal. Website:
  2. Select the applicable product licensing for your product.
  3. Sign into the Extreme Networks Support Portal by providing user credentials.
  4. On the left hand side select "My Account" then "ExtremeXOS® / ExtremeWare® Software License Key Generator."
ExtremeXOS ExtremeWare Software Licence Key Generator
  1. Provide the software version, serial number, and voucher number then click "Generate License Key."
SW License Key Generator
  1. Type the enable license <key> command on the applicable switch.
Additional notes
A reboot is not required for most license installations to take effect. However, TCAM capacity licenses do require a reboot before taking effect. In this case, the following warning will be shown when the license is successfully installed:

Warning: A reboot switch or disable and enable slot n is required before the new license takes effect.

To clear licenses use the command:
clear license-info

Make sure end user is correctly inputting serial number and not a hardware revision.
Example: 800275-00-13 1406N-12345
  • 1406N-12345 is the serial number
  • 800275-00-13 is the hardware revision number

You must use the serial number or it will error out on the support portal. 

This information can be obtained by running the command show version.

(NOTE: If you're trying to generate a license for a BlackDiamond product, use the chassis serial number.)



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