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How to Download Firmware Files for Extreme Networks Products

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TitleHow to Download Firmware Files for Extreme Networks Products
How to download firmware and configuration guide for Extreme Networks products.
All Extreme Networks products and all firmware versions
Extreme Networks firmware can be downloaded from the Extreme Portal.
  1. Log in to the Extreme Portal 
  2. Firmware can be downloaded on the Extreme Portal at the Products page
  • The Products page groups the files together by release in a tree structure and this can be a very helpful feature. If you are looking for all the related files for a certain version please use the Products page.
  • In the Products page there is an option to Show All and Show Available. Show Available limits the list to items that  the system can verify you are entitled. Use Show All to see all the firmware that exists and then use the Request Access option as needed to request access.
  • The release notes are listed in the section just below the firmware and this is a very easy place to get both the firmware and the release notes for a recent release.
  1. Use the Advanced button to filter by Family, Release Type, Date and other options
  2. You can also search by file name, product name, serial number and other options. Please note we are working on fixing an issue with the firmware downloads search as described in Extreme Portal Firmware Download Search Showing Incorrect Results
  3. Click on the Download Name to initiate the download
  4. Important: in most cases you will need to enable an exception for to allow pop ups see Download File Does Not Start for Downloads in the Extreme Portal: for details
    • Some downloads may request a serial number to be entered prior to download
    • Some downloads may ask for Trade Compliance acknowledgement prior to download
  5. In some situations, the Extreme Portal may present an option where you must Request Access to the download the item
  6. If you do not see the items that you need or think that you are entitled to on the Products page or the Downloads page please use the built in features of the Extreme Portal to request access to those files. If you have any issues with that process, please refer to this article for assistance: Extreme Portal Help: Who to Contact for Questions about the Extreme Portal
Additional notes
  • A valid service contract is required for firmware downloads for products not covered by Warranty.  See availability information linked below.
  • A partner can be given access, if the end customer contract is PartnerWorks or PartnerWorksPlus.
  • If you have a valid service contract and cannot access the latest firmware releases, please contact GTAC using the Request Access option for the needed firmware.
  • If you do not have a valid service contract and wish to acquire or renew an existing one, please follow this link: How can I purchase or renew a support contract for my wireless controller and APs?

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