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How to get tech data for ExtremeCloud IQ Virtual Appliance (IQVA)

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TitleHow to get tech data for ExtremeCloud IQ Virtual Appliance (IQVA)
This article describes the 3 possible ways to get the tech data for ExtremeCloud Virtual Appliance (IQVA).
  • ExtremeCloud IQ Virtual Appliance (IQVA)
  • Version or later
Method 1: Get tech data via IQVA web admin GUI
  • Global Setting > System Settings > Technical Support Data

Method 2: Get tech data via IQVA management web console at tcp port 3000
  • Troubleshooting > Logs > Collect Logs 

Method 3: Get tech data and log files via SSH and Linux root access
  • This is needed when neither of the first two methods works or when support engineers need to get more data and log in addition to the one provided. If this is a way to go, Extreme support engineers will need to do this through a remote session because Linux root access is needed. 
  • The difference between method 1 and method 2 is that the method 1 includes more data including the ElasticSearch log, Ignite log, Linux system log and so on.
  • Always try to use the method 1 to get the IQVA tech data. Only if that fails, then use the method 2. 
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