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How to configure log filter events to show spanning tree topology changes notifications

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TitleHow to configure log filter events to show spanning tree topology changes notifications
To identify the source of spanning tree topology changes
  • EXOS
  • BlackDiamond 
  • Summit
  • Spanning Tree Protocol
  • stpd
  • STP.State.Topology
  • Event Management System
  1. Configure/enable the EMS log filter event "STP.State.Topology"
* X650-24t-718-STP-Root.78 # configure log filter "DefaultFilter" add events "STP.State.Topology"
  1. Use the "show stpd <stp domain name>" to check for the topology changes, as seen in the following output (refer to the "Number of Topology Changes" & "Time Since Last Topology Change" counters):  
* X650-24t-718-STP-Root.78 # show stpd s141
Stpd: S141-DCESRV-CPStp: ENABLEDNumber of Ports: 2
Rapid Root Failover: Disabled
Operational Mode: 802.1WDefault Binding Mode: PVST+
802.1Q Tag: 141
Ports: 1,2
Participating Vlans: V141-DCESRV-CP
Auto-bind Vlans: V141-DCESRV-CP
Bridge Priority: 8192
Designated root:20:00:00:04:96:36:59:0c
RootPathCost: 0 Root Port: ----
MaxAge: 20sHelloTime: 2sForwardDelay: 15s
CfgBrMaxAge: 20s CfgBrHelloTime: 2sCfgBrForwardDelay: 15s
Topology Change Time: 35sHold time: 1s
Topology Change Detected: FALSETopology Change: FALSE
Number of Topology Changes: 2
Time Since Last Topology Change: 11s
  1. Use the "show log" command to view the "STP.State.Topology" related messages in the system log.           
With the STP.State.Topology log filter enabled, the ingress port from which the topology change is detected
           can be seen on the Root Bridge, when an STP topology change occurs on the upstream switch (the port is a
           tagged port in PVST+ encapsulation in this scenario):
* X650-24t-718-STP-Root.79 # sh log
05/20/2014 10:58:49.06 <Summ:STP.State.Topology> [S141-DCESRV-CP:1] Topology Change Detected (TC)
05/20/2014 10:58:49.06 <Summ:STP.State.Topology> [S141-DCESRV-CP:2] FDB Flushed due to topology Change
05/20/2014 10:58:49.06 <Summ:STP.State.Topology> [S141-DCESRV-CP:2] Topology Change propagating

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