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How to implement alternate stacking

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TitleHow to implement alternate stacking
How to implement alternate stacking
  • Summit
  • X440-48p-10G
  • X460-24t
  • EXOS version 15.3.3
  1. Confirm all switches are running same software version on the same partition. show version
  2. Confirm license level are the same on all switches. show license
  3. Configure stacking-support on all switches. Note, a reboot is required for the changes to take effect. configure stacking-support stack-port all selection alternate
  4. Connect all stacking cables.
  5. Type show stacking command and confirm all nodes are seen in stack topology.
  6. If not seen, type show stacking detail confirm all stack nodes are using the same stacking protocol (ie. standard or enhanced).
  7. Change stacking protocol on stack nodes if needed. configure stacking protocol enhanced /standard
  8. Type configure stacking easy-setup from the console of the switch we would like to take mastership role.
  9. Once rebooted issue show stacking and confirm all nodes take a stacking role.
Additional notes
X460-24t/x/p Alternate Stacking 
Alternate Stack Port 1  = S1 (29)
Alternate Stack Port 2  = S2 (30)



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