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How to import EWC policy into Policy Manager

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TitleHow to import EWC policy into Policy Manager
How to import EWC policy into Policy Manager
  • Identifi Wireless
  • Extreme Control
It is recommended that you have a separate domain for the Wireless Controllers. To create a new domain in Policy Manager click "Domain --> Create Domain" and then "Domain --> Assign devices to domain to add the necessary devices.

To import policy from the controller:
  1. In the domain that you want to import the EWC policys click file -> Import -> Policy Configuration from Device
  2. Choose to import Roles, Rules and Class of Service is desired and click the "Next" button
  3. Choose the device in the left hand window, and click the "Add" button to select the device (EWC). Then click the "Next" button 
  4. If importing Class of service specific the device at the bottom of the "Device selection window" 
  5. De-select policies you do not want to import, if any, and click "Next".
  6. Determine how you want to Organize the rules that are imported and click "Next"
  7. If you want to merge the rules, with services, add/remove as desired and click the "Finish" button.
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