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How to install ADSP on VMware using ISO file?

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TitleHow to install ADSP on VMware using ISO file?
Install ADSP iso in VMware 
Note: It is assumed that knowledge of creating a virtual machine in VMware is understood. 
Select creation type 
Chose -- Create a new virtual machine

                       User-added image

Select a name & Guest OS
Identifying the guest operating system here allows the wizard to provide the appropriate defaults for the operating system installation.
Compatability      -- Chose default 
Guest OS family    -- Linux 
Guest OS version   -- Other Linux ( 64-bit)

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Select storage

Select the datastore in which to store the configuration and disk files.
The following datastores are accessible from the destination resource that you selected. Select the destination datastore for the virtual machine configuration files and all of the virtual disks.

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Customize settings
Configure the virtual machine hardware and virtual machine additional options.
( NOTE:  Before Setting Memory & Hard Drive Requirements Please Refer To The Scalability Table found here What is the ADSP Scalability?)

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