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How to install a TFTP server in Windows

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TitleHow to install a TFTP server in Windows
Install TFTPD32 on a Windows PC to use as a TFTP server.
  • Windows
  • TFTP
1. Navigate to

2. Download the installer for the latest version.
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3. Run the installer and accept the license agreement.

4. After the installer completes, launch the program, and use the "Browse" button to select the directory to be the TFTP root.
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5. From the "Server Interfaces" drop down menu, ensure that the correct interface is selected:
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At this point, the TFTP server should be set up and ready to use.

Additional notes
By default, the current directory will always be the installation directory when the program is started. In order to change this, edit the tftpd32.ini file located in the installation directory. 

The line that needs to be changed is 
The dot in this line should be replaced with the desired TFTP root directory. For example, if you want this to be C:\Users\Admin\tftp, the line should be changed to



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