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How to integrate Aerohive AP230 with NAC for 802.1X Authentication

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TitleHow to integrate Aerohive AP230 with NAC for 802.1X Authentication
Integration Aerohive Access Points with Extreme Access Control for 802.1X authentication
  • Extreme Management Centre (NetSight)
  • Extreme Access Control (NAC)
  • NAC Manager
  • Aerohive Wireless
  • Enter the cli commands on Aerohive Access Points;
security-object MIT-Employee
security-object MIT-Employee security protocol-suite wpa-auto-8021x
ssid MIT-Employee
ssid MIT-Employee security-object MIT-Employee
interface eth0 manage snmp
interface wifi0 ssid MIT-Employee
snmp reader version v2c community public
aaa radius-server primary shared-secret ***
aaa radius-server accounting primary shared-secret ***
user-profile MIT-Employee qos-policy def-user-qos vlan-id 20 attribute 20
user-profile MIT-student qos-policy def-user-qos vlan-id 30 attribute 30
user-profile MIT-Employee ip-policy-default-action permit
user-profile MIT-student ip-policy-default-action permit
vlan-group vlan20 20
vlan-group vlan30 30
  • In NAC Manager NAC Appliance Group add the Aerohive Access Point and select "RFC 3580 -VLAN ID"  as "RADIUS Attributes to Send"
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  • Configure the Vlan to be mapped to NAC Policy for group 
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  • Create a NAC Rule 
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  • After a successful successful authentication, the user is shown in the Ed-System list
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