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How to integrate Purview/Analytics with Existing Policies in Policy Manager

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TitleHow to integrate Purview/Analytics with Existing Policies in Policy Manager
To add into existing policies the ability to utilize MirrorN and Port groups to get mirror Data to the Purview/Analytics appliance.
  • Purview
  • Analytics
  • Extreme Management Center
  • Netsight
  • Policy Manager
  • MirrorN
  • S-Series

1. A port group must be created to support the egress of the mirror. This is the port were the traffic will egress to over a physical wire, or a pseudo-wire with a 'burn port' for GRE. So this is usually only one port per device. here we will use a port (ge.3.1) to represent this.

User-added image
After it is added, it should look like the following.
User-added image

Next, once a port group has been defined and assigned. We then assign a Mirror Port group to the Traffic Mirror Section of the previously existing Roles.
Step 1. here selects the role.
Step 2. we select the Port Group to assign to the traffic mirror.
User-added image
Once the group is selected, then check off the MirrorN checkbox, so we only forward 15 packets to the appliance to be mirrored.

User-added image

This process needs to be done to each Role that we wish to integrate the MirrorN policy mirror to, and then needs to be enforced.
By enforcing, the port group creates the CLI section for 'mirror' portion of the config, and the roles we be applied to the 'policy' portion of the configuration.


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