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How to allow or disallow some WiNG APs from broadcasting SSIDs

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TitleHow to allow or disallow some WiNG APs from broadcasting SSIDs
How to limit the number of APs that broadcast a certain SSID 

Typical application: Limiting the broadcast of a guest SSID to a conference room only, while preventing it from being broadcast by any other AP in the same facility.

  • AP75xx series
  • AP65xx series
  • AP76xx series
  • NX controllers
  • RFS controllers
  • VX controllers
  • WiNG 5.x
  • Enterprise UI
  • WEB UI
  1. From Web UI:
  1. Login to the controller
  2. Go to Configuration > Devices > Device Configuration
  3. Double click on the AP you'd like to broadcast the SSID from
User-added image
  1. Expand Interface
  2. Open Radios
  3. Double click on Radio 1
User-added image
  1. Go to WLAN Mapping/Mesh Mapping
  2. Highlight the WLAN you'd like to broadcast in the WLANs box and with the left arrow drop it into the Radio box
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  1. Click on OK then Exit
  2. Click on Commit and Save
  3. Follow the same steps for Radio 2 (5GHz)
Additional notes
Please contact our technical support team if further assistance is required. 



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