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How to load an ISO image onto an appliance with a USB flash drive

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TitleHow to load an ISO image onto an appliance with a USB flash drive
  • How to load an ISO image onto an appliance with a USB flash drive.
  • How to re-iso a hardware appliance.
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  • Netsight
  • NAC
  • Access Control Appliance
  • Extreme Management Center
  • Analytics Appliance
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Upgrading a Hardware Appliance


  1. Download the appropriate Appliance ZIP image for the appliance you are using. See How to Download Firmware Files for Extreme Networks Products
  2. Extract the file to a directory on your system.
  3. Insert a  USB flash drive into the USB port on your appliance and note the drive letter it is assigned.
  4. Open a Command Prompt window and cd to the directory where you extracted the file. Be sure to use the "Run as administrator" option when launching the Command Prompt. You can access this option by right-clicking on the Command Prompt icon.
  5. Type make_disk.bat <drive letter>: and press Enter. Be sure you have specified the correct drive letter.
    The files are copied to the USB flash drive. When the copy is complete you will see the message "Successfully installed into <drive letter>: Press any key to continue."
  6. Remove the USB flash drive from your system.
  7. Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port on the  appliance.
  8. Press the power button, and then press FX to go to the BIOS setup. (The Function key may vary per appliance)
  9. Configure the appliance to boot from the USB flash drive. The process for each appliance hardware type is as follows:  The appliance starts booting from the USB flash drive.
  10. When the boot is complete, the Appliance Installation screen appears. Press Enter and the installation begins.
  11. After the installation completes, reboot the appliance and then remove the USB flash drive.
  12. Reconfigure the device for IP, subnet mask, DNS, SNMP etc.
  13. Enforce the appliance following the software installation operation if it is not a Netsight/Extreme Management Center Server.
Additional notes
This video below may give you a sense of what needs to be done, however this persons laptop will approximate the appliance that needs the image on it. So keyboards and monitors will be needed.




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