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How to mark incoming frames with 802.1p value in EXOS

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TitleHow to mark incoming frames with 802.1p value in EXOS
Mark incoming frames with 802.1p value because the end node itself cannot mark 802.1p value on its frame.
  • EXOS
  • 802.1p
  • ACL
Apply this ACL in the ingress direction to the switch to add a 802.1p value of 4 to the frames. 

entry replace_dot1p_4{
if match all {
} then {
    permit  ;
    replace-dot1p-value 4  ;

} }

Additional notes
The 802.1p value is in the 802.1q part of the frame so 802.1q (tagged frames) will have the dot1p value.  If the frame does not have a 802.1q tag the 802.1p value will not be present.

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