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How to Install the EXOS SSH module

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TitleHow to Install the EXOS SSH module
How to obtain and install the EXOS SSH module
  • EXOS prior to 16.2

Obtain and download SSH module:

Follow the steps in the article below:

Install the SSH module:

1. Download the module image to your TFTP server.
2. Determine the active partition for your switch by typing: "show switch"
3. The display shows the current selected and booted image partition.
4. Download and install the module image to the active partition by typing the following command (specify the virtual router you are using to connect to the TFTP server): "download image XXX-ssh.xmod vr (vr-mgmt or vr-default) (primary or secondary)"
5. The system displays the following message: "Do you want to install image after downloading(y - yes, n - no,  - cancel)
6. Type y, for yes, so that the image will be installed after downloading.
7. Once install is complete type "run update"
8. To verify that the SSH module is running, issue the following command: "show process"
9. You will see a process named “exsshd” listed. You can then configure and "enable ssh" on the switch.
10. To verify that the SSH module is installed, issue the following command: "show management"
11. The system displays the following message: SSH access : Enabled(Key valid, tcp port 22 vr all)
12. If the SSH module is not installed, the system displays a message similar to:
SSH Access : ssh module not loaded.

There should be no network impact during this procedure, although the switch will not be accessible via HTTP or SNMP while the respective processes are restarting.
Additional notes
In EXOS 16.2 and higher, there is no longer a separate SSH XMOD. SSH is integrated into the base EXOS image. For instructions on upgrading EXOS, see the following article:
How to Obtain and Upgrade EXOS

If you are upgrading EXOS and installing SSH simultaneously, see community conversation:

By default, EXOS uses TFTP to load the SSH module on the switch. If the SSH module is already installed, SCP can be used to securely transfer the SSH module to the switch. See the article linked below for further details:
How to upgrade EXOS using SCP

See also: How to install a TFTP server in Windows



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