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How to open GTAC support case using email?

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TitleHow to open GTAC support case using email?
How to automatically open GTAC support case by sending email to support alias?
  • Extreme Support Portal
  • Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)
  • Service Case
While we prefer you Create a Case Through Extreme Support Portal, one can also open case via email by sending a message to GTAC support email address.

Please refer to the examples provided below.

New Case      Subject: [BLACK DIAMOND] or (BLACK DIAMOND)
Case Update  Subject: [40000001] or (40000001)

File attachments are supported. 
All valid requests will provide an E-Acknowledgement with a GTAC case number.

Supported classes:
[DATA CENTER]Data Center Switching & Routing: VDX, (NOS), MLX (NI), CES & CER (NI), BNA
[SLX] Data Center Switching & Routing SLX
[AUTOMATION] Automation: Extreme Fabric Automation, Workflow Composer, Flow Optimizer
[PACKET BROKER]Network Packet Broker: MLXe Packet Broker, Virtual Packet Broker, Session Director, Visibility Manager
[A-B-C SERIES]Stackable Switch
[BLACK DIAMOND]High Performance Ethernet Switching and Routing
[D-G-I SERIES]Standalone Switches
[SECURITY]Dragon IDS Products
[K SERIES]Flow-Based Switching
[WLAN]ExtremeWireless Controllers and Access Points
[WING]ExtremeWING Wireless Controllers and Access Points
[S SERIES]High Performance Enterprise Ethernet Switching and Routing
[SUMMIT]Stackable Switch
[NETSIGHT]NetSight (Console, OneView, ASM, Inventory Mgr, NAC, Policy Mgr)
[NONE]None of these topics seem appropriate
[XSR]IP Security Routing VPN and Firewall
[VSP/ERS]Campus Ethernet Switching and Routing
[IDE]Identity Engines Portfolio
[WLAN-Avaya]Wireless LAN 8100 and 9100 Series
[EFO/AFO/COM/VPFM]Network Management Portfolio
[Secure Router]Branch to Branch Secure Router 2K/4K Series
[VPN Gateway]SSL VPN Portal and IPSEC / L2TP Endpoint
[XGG]Extreme Guest Gateway
[XMC]Extreme Management Center, ExtremeControl, ExtremeConnect, ExtremeAnalytics, Guest & IoT Manager 
[A3]A3 is an innovative Cloud-Managed Network Access Control (NAC) solution
[WLAN-Aerohive]Aerohive Access points and their Management Platforms (XIQ/HiveManager)
[Routing-Aerohive]Aerohive XRs, VGVAs and their Management Platforms (XIQ/HiveManager)
[Switching-Aerohive]Aerohive SRs and their Management Platforms (XIQ/HiveManager)
[ADT]Asset Discovery Tool
[FIRMWARE]Service contract access to embedded firmware libraries
[REGISTRATION]Global Services product registration questions
[GTSADMIN]GTAC web systems and email support
[KNOWLEDGEBASE]Knowledgebase Questions


While we prefer that you use the Extreme Portal to upload files directly to your case instead of using email file attachments, email file attachments are supported.

When sending a password-protected attachment in one email followed by an attachment password in a separate email, please send the password email with the same case number in the subject as the attachment email.

When creating a new case using an email with a password-protected attachment, please wait until you receive the new case number before sending the password email with the same case number as the attachment email. Please do not send two consecutive emails, one with attachment and one with password, both with supported classes in the subject and both with no case number. If you do, the attachment and password will be recorded in separate new cases.

If your email system automatically password-protects attachments and sends passwords in a separate email, please do not attach files to the first email you use to open a case. After you receive a case number, please include it in the subject line of all mails you use to send attachments for the case. If your email system maintains subject lines for automatic password emails, the attachment and password will be recorded in the same case. If your email system automatically password protects attachments but does not maintain subject lines, please do not send email attachments. We may not receive the password. Please use the Extreme Portal to upload files directly to your case.

Additional notes
Other ways to open support case with GTAC are listes on Extreme Netwoks Support portal



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