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How to perform load testing on NAC?

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TitleHow to perform load testing on NAC?
How to perform load testing on NAC?
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Sometimes you may need to perform a load test on NAC like generating 10000 end system on NAC and check how's the performance. This guide can give you an idea how to do it.

First of all, you need a Linux server to generate RADIUS/Accounting request to NAC. In addition, in order to allow the Linux server as a RADIUS client, you need to do some tricks to PRETEND to be a EWC. Here is the trick:

1. In Netsight, add an EWC. Let's say we have an EWC with IP
User-added image

2. In NAC, add the EWC to NAC
User-added image

3. Once you have add the EWC IP as NAC client, you can power down the EWC now.

4. Now, you can replace the EWC IP with a Linux server IP. The RADIUS/ACCOUNTING request send from the Linux will be accepted by NAC

5. One of the tool to perform RADIUS load testing is called radperf, you can download it here

6. Once you have the tool downloaded and installed, you can generated RADIUS/ACCOUNTING request using that tool. Below is the example:

./radperf -s -A 600,7200 -T nas.rad -f user.csv auth ETS_TAG_SHARED_SECRET

7. Check the README for more information

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