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How to receive Netflow information in OneView from EXOS device

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TitleHow to receive Netflow information in OneView from EXOS device
Configure EXOS device to send netflow information to OneView
  • NetSight
  • Console
  • OneView
  • BlackDiamond
  • summit
NetSight 6.2 is needed in order to collect IPFix.

We support IPFix records independent of Purview, from EXOS devices that support this functionality. NetSight listens for IPFix records on port 2075. Here is a sample IPFix configuration (switch:

# Module ipfix configuration.
enable ip-fix
configure ip-fix domain 1
configure ip-fix ip-address protocol udp L4-port 2075 vr "VR-Default"
configure ip-fix source ip-address vr "VR-Default"
enable ip-fix ports 21 all_traffic
configure ip-fix ports 23 ingress-and-egress
enable ip-fix ports 23 all_traffic
Additional notes
  • IPFIX is supported on ExtremeSwitching X460-G2 only. The IPFIX flow count is limited to is 4K flows—2K for ingress and 2K for egress.



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