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How to recreate a NetSight database

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TitleHow to recreate a NetSight database
recreate NetSight database
NetSight Server CLI
From the NetSight Server command line

  1. stop the server
  • service nsserver stop

  2. bring up the mysql console
  • cd <installdir>/scripts
  • ./

  3. remove the old databases
  • drop database netsight;
  • drop database netsightrpt;
  4. recreate the databases, and verify no tables present
  • create database netsight;
  • create database netsightrpt;
  • use netsight;
  • show tables;
  5. if all is well, quit the shell
  • quit;
  6. restart the netsight server
  • service nsserver start

Additional notes
At this point if you want to restore a database follow the instructions in the following knowledge base article
How to restore a Netsight Database



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