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How to redirect traffic to egress a specific port in a LAG?

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TitleHow to redirect traffic to egress a specific port in a LAG?
The objective is to use the "redirect-port-no-sharing" action modifier in an ACL to make traffic egress a specific port in a LAG
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Syntax: In the ACL action modifier, we need to use -
redirect-port-no-sharing <port number>

Example: Assuming port(s) 1,2 is in a LAG group and port 1 is the LAG master. We can also assume that, by hashing, the traffic takes port 1 to egress.
If we want to redirect traffic destined to through port 2 in the LAG group, we can use the following ACL -
entry one {
if {
} then {
redirect-port-no-sharing 2;
Additional notes
When using the "redirect-port-no-sharing <port #>" syntax, it ignores the hashing algorithm and directly sends the traffic out through the assigned redirect port in the ACL.
However, if we use the regular "redirect-port <port #>" modifier, the traffic will still be subjected to hashing on egress and exit via the port determined post hashing.



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