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How to register and/or Export your Serial Numbers with Extreme Management Center

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TitleHow to register and/or Export your Serial Numbers with Extreme Management Center
With Extreme Management Center 8.x and above, you can use the software to register your serial numbers into your  extranet account and export them to a spreadsheet.
This article will discuss doing both.
  • Extreme Management Center
  • Serial Number
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You can register the Serial numbers of products and export the Serial number information via the following steps.

From Extreme Management Center
Networks->Devices->Click on top bar with three dashes. User-added image

Then Select Configuration/Firmware->Register/Export Serial Numbers.
Note:  In later versions this will be under More Actions > Register/Export Serial Numbers
Figure 1.
User-added image

This brings the following Window into view. You can chose to register them to your Extreme Portal account. or Export to a file.
Figure 2
User-added image

If you select Register, your next Window will ask about collecting data to be sent.
Figure 3
User-added image

For the initial setup, you be asked to enter your extranet credentials.
Figure 4
User-added image

Enter the extranet account details. Click Ok.
After this, the following window will appear to not the data is being sent off.
Figure 5
User-added image

This should generate the data and port it over to the exrtranet database.

If you  wish to export the Serial Numbers for your own internal auditing purposes, you can simply hit the Export to file button above in Figure 2.
Additional notes
Currently Extreme Management (8.2 and lower) will only grab the first switch in a stack. This is corrected in version of 8.3.

As a work around do the following.

1. Start NetSight Console. 
2. Select all the devices that you want information on from the Device Tree to the left. 
3. Select Tools > FlexView > Add FlexView tab. 
4. Select that new FlexView tab. 
5. Click the FlexView button to the upper left and select Open. 
6. Open the FlexView from the FlexViews > Standards folder called 'Device Inventory'. 
7. Click the green Retrieve button to the upper right (looks like a green play button). 

Once the information is retrieved you can right click on any line of the results and select Table Tools > Export.



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