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How to remove a node from a stack

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TitleHow to remove a node from a stack
How to remove a node from a stack
  • Summit
To remove only one switch from the stack:

1. Determine if the target node to be removed is using the SummitStack-V feature by issuing thefollowing command: show stacking stack-ports
Examine the Select column to determine if the target node is using alternate (non-native) stack
2. If the target node is using alternate stack ports, do the following:
  • Log into the node and issue the command: unconfigure stacking-support
  • Log out of the target node.
3. Log into the master node.
4. Delete the target node stacking configuration by entering the following command:
unconfigure stacking {node-address node_address| slot slot_number}
5. Reboot the target node by entering the following command:
reboot [node node-address| slot slot-number]
When the node reboots, it detects that the configuration file selected is a stacking configuration file. It deselects the configuration file and uses the factory defaults.
6. You may now disconnect the switch from the stack and your networks as needed, and redeploy the
Additional notes
If the master node still displays the ports as NP for the node address already removed from stack, follow the procedure below:
  1. Type show slot and check if the node is still listed
Slots    Type                 Configured                   State         Ports
Slot-1   X440-24p           X440-24p             Operational      24
Slot-2                              X440-24p             Empty              24
  1. Since Master node still displays slot 2 with 24 ports, type unconfigure slot 2
Note: The above command should be applied to the appropriate slot. Slot-2 was just used as an example. 

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