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How to remove static IP route in K/S/7100-Series

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TitleHow to remove static IP route in K/S/7100-Series
  • How to remove static IP route in K/S/7100-Series
  • Error Clearing static route (Status: 7)
  • Error Status 7 
  • K-Series
  • S-Series
  • 7100-Series
  • All Firmware Versions
1. Login to the switch using admin credentials
2. Type router at the prompt
3. Type configure to enter configuration mode
4. Type show ip route or show running config to identify the route to be removed

Use this command syntax at a config prompt to remove a static IP route from L3 configuration mode:
no ip route { prefix mask | prefix/prefix-length }  { ip-address [recursive] | interface interface-name | vlan vlan-id | vrf egress-vrf
 | blackhole | reject | probe {default | probe-name} } [distance] [tage tag-id]

Type the entire line of the configuration for the route to be removed or copy and paste the actual configuration line and add the word "no" to the beginning:
no ip route 
Additional notes
To remove a static default route please proceed with the following command: 
(su-router-config)->no ip route interface loop.0.1
Tip: Execute the command "show ip route"  or "show running config"to identify the correct interface name associated to the default route. In the example above the interface name was "loop.0.1"
 Must be in Configure mode to remove a route. 
If not in configuration mode the switch will display the following  Error Status Code 7 
How to add a static route on the N/S/K/7100 Series




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