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How to replace a faulty IdentiFi Wireless Controller

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TitleHow to replace a faulty IdentiFi Wireless Controller
How to replace a faulty IdentiFi Wireless Controller
  • IdentiFi
  • RMA replacement
  • New Wireless Controller
  • Old Controller
  • Saved backup file
  1. Have a laptop with an FTP server application running
  2. Start FTP Server
  3. Download same firmware and Release Notes as running controller into the FTP Home Directory
  4. Unzip image(s) on  the PC - store them in FTP Home Directory
  5. Verify, through release notes, if interim image versions are needed
  6. Backup configuration from old controller or locate previously saved backup file  How to download configuration file from a Wireless Controller 
  7. Gain access to new controller through "admin" port (reference hardware guide that came with the controller for admin port location) How to login to the management port of the IdentiFi Wireless Controller
  8. Assign a static IP of with no gateway to your PC
  9. Using the controllers GUI (default admin port IP, upload images to controller if needed and perform the upgrade - How to upgrade an IdentiFi Wireless Controller
  10. Once the controller has rebooted from the upgrade, Rehost controller licenses and apply - How to rehost an IdentiFi wireless license key for a replacement controller
  11. Apply configuration to controller and verify final configuration - How to save and restore backup files on the IdentiFi Wireless Controller
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