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How to restore a saved or backed up database in Extreme Management Center ( XMC )

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TitleHow to restore a saved or backed up database in Extreme Management Center ( XMC )
  • To restore a previously saved database to the Extreme Management Center
  • To restore a backed up database in XMC
  • Database restore
  • Extreme Management Center
  • MySQL
  • Database
  • Backup
  • XMC

Go to Administration->Backup->Select Restore Saved Backup->Select version to restore->Click Restore
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A Database Restore window will show up, and then you select the backup you want to use from the pull down menu.
Note the checkbox to restore historical data as well. If you do not see any files to restore, then either the backups are missing, or not transported into the correct directory (netsight/backup)

One the restore button is clicked, you will be asked to verify the restore.
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This is followed by a restoring saved database window. This will show briefly.

This will be followed by a user unauthorized window as it kicks the current users of the server to restart.

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After this, it could be a significant amount of time to reload the the database and restart. This is based on the complexity of the network, and if the historical data and alarms are also imported.

Fully logging out of the web page and then re-freshing on the default landing page for Extreme Management Center will present the login page once the server is restored and operational.



Additional notes
If restoring to a Linux platform from a windows platform, several DB variables will be off.
Go to Administrations->Options.
Click through all of the settings. Any time a disk location is used, you will see a default listed to the right, if it is not used. Click on the Default, and it will change to the expected linux settings.
Here is an example for the Database backup directory itself.

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