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How to return an EXOS switch to factory defaults

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TitleHow to return an EXOS switch to factory defaults
Remove all configuration from a Summit or BlackDiamond switch
  • EXOS All
  • Summit
  • BlackDiamond
  • Log into the switch, and enter the command unconfigure switch all
  • The switch will reboot, and boot up with a factory default configuration
Additional notes
Switches cannot be cleared to factory defaults without console access

After the switch boots up with a default configuration, you will need to log in from the serial console with the default username of "admin" and no password.

If there is a default.xsf script present on the switch, this will be executed when the switch reboots with a default configuration. In order to prevent this, either delete the script with the command rm default.xsf, or rename it with the command mv default.xsf <new_name>.

If the current password is unknown, see How to default a Summit switch when the password is unknown



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