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How to revert the controller image Using Rescue Image

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TitleHow to revert the controller image Using Rescue Image
How do you fall back to a previous code or backrev the wireless appliance?
  • All Extreme Wireless Controllers
  • All Firmware versions
  • IdentiFi 
  • Using GUI interface
  1. Rescue image is created when upgrading image
  2. Use the rescue image under Software Maintenance - How do you upgrade an IdentiFi Wireless Controller
User-added image
  • Using Serial console port and CLI
  1. Connect serial cable to the console port and reboot the system. The following menu is shown during the boot process:
Controller rescue
  1. Use your cursor to highlight Controller rescue, and then press [Enter] to enter Rescue mode. The following menu is displayed.
1) Force System Recovery
2) Create System Backup Image
3) Display Backup Images
4) FTP Menu
5) Network Interface Menu
6) Manually run File System Check Utility (fsck)
7) Restore Backup Image directly from the FTP server
8) Authentication Service Management Menu
9) Flash Menu
R) Reboot
WARNING! - Forcing system recovery will erase all files, and reinstall the selected image (either backup or factory).
Reboot will restart the system back into Normal mode.
If you have any questions about these options, please contact Support.
Your choice:
  1. Choose 1 for "Force System Recovery"
  2. Choose the rescue image you would like to use and continue.
  3. Further instructions are available in the User Guide by searching "Restoring the Backup Image from Rescue Mode": 
Documentation > Choose Version > ExtremeWireless User Guide

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