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How to run an interactive smart-rf calibration from the GUI in WM Controller

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TitleHow to run an interactive smart-rf calibration from the GUI in WM Controller
How to run a smart-rf calibration on WM controller from the GUI
WM 3000 series
Wireless Mobility 5.1 - 5.4
1. Create smart RF policy or use the default policy under Wireless >> Smart-RF policy

2. Under wireless tab select the "Smart RF policy" and click edit

3. Under basic configuration enable smart-rf policy

4. Click the channel and power settings and make adjustments if needed

5. Move to scanning configuration and disable OCS "Smart Monitoring Enable" 

6. Move to configuration tab >> RF domains >> click edit on RF domain and under basic settings apply the smart rf policy under smart-rf section

Click commit and save changes button at the top.

8. Move to Operations tab and select Smart RF >> click the RF domain where Smart RF policy is applied

9.  Click the Interactive Calibration button at the bottom 

10.  Calibration results will show on screen for review

11. Click calibration results actions button.  This will popup a box with three options: replace, write, discard.  If changes are desired choose replace.  Select write to write changes from running config to startup-config.  Select discard if changes are not desired. 

Additional notes
Manual Smart-RF calibrations have been removed in WiNG 5.5



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