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How to run diagnostics on native stack ports

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TitleHow to run diagnostics on native stack ports
How to run diagnostics on native stack ports
  • EXOS
  • Summit
  • SummitStack
To run stack-port diagnostics:
  1. Run disable stacking node-address <mac_addr> for the node being tested.
  2. Disconnect the stacking cables from that node.
  3. Take a known-working stacking cable and connect it between S1 and S2 (in a loop) on the disconnected node.
  4. Console into the disconnected node and type "run diagnostics stack-port".
  5. The switch will reboot and run diagnostics. When diagnostics are complete, it will reboot again.
  6. Console in to the node again and type "enable stacking".
  7. Re-connect the stacking cable to the other stack nodes.
  8. Type "reboot" in the console. The node should rejoin the stack once the reboot is complete.
  9. The results of the diagnostic test can be viewed in the "show diagnostics" command.
Additional notes
Diagnostics for native stacking ports on switches with a VIM3 or VIM4 option card is not supported.
The existing normal/extended diagnostics will test the module and interfaces to the main board it is adequate as is.



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