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How to backup and restore a configuration on the S/K/7100 Series

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TitleHow to backup and restore a configuration on the S/K/7100 Series
How to backup and restore a configuration file on the S/K/7100 Series
  • S-Series
  • 7100-Series
  • K-Series
  • All Firmware Versions
Saving a Configuration Methods
1.Save the S‐Series device configuration by doing the following:
2. Create a configuration restore‐point of the current configuration (optional) 
  • set config restore-point <description>
Example: Creating a Configuration Restore-Point
  • S Chassis(rw)-> set config restore-point 17Feb2015_0800
3. Write the configuration to a file, use the show config command.
  • show config outfile slot<#>/<filename>
Example: Creating a Configuration File
  • S Chassis(rw)-> show config outfile slot1/newconfig.cfg
4. Copy the configuration file to a TFTP server
  • copy slot<#>/<filename> tftp://<IP Address>/<filename>
Example: Copying configuration file to a TFTP server
  • S Chassis(rw)-> copy slot1/newconfig.cfg tftp://

To restore the configuration to the chassis:
1. Copy the saved configuration on the TFTP server to the chassis
  • copy tftp://<IP Address>/<filename> slot<#>/<filename>
Example: Copying the configuration file from TFTP server to the chassis
  • S Chassis(rw)-> copy slot1/newconfig.cfg tftp://
2. Restore the configuration on the chassis this will require a reboot of the chassis
  • S Chassis(rw)->configure slot<#>/<filename>
Example: Restoring the saved configuration to the chassis
  • S Chassis(rw)-> configure slot1/newconfig.cfg

Additional notes
The configuration restore‐point resides on the system. A configuration restore‐point cannot be saved to a file. Any additional configuration
settings that are changed after creating this restore‐point will not be included if the restore‐point configuration is applied, such as when the system reboots. You can configure only one restore‐point.

The local configuration file created from the show config outfile command can be tftp'd to a tftp server to store a remote copy of the configuration. 

It is a recommended best practice to create a back-up of the configuration prior to any changes, firmware upgrades or reboots.  



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