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How to save a packet to replay through the IXIA

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TitleHow to save a packet to replay through the IXIA
Save a packet captured in Wireshark so you can import, and replay it through the IXIA in IXExplorer.
  • Wireshark
  • IXIA
  • IXExplorer
  • PCAP
  1. In Wireshark export the specified packet.
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  1. Select whether you want one packet or a range.
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  1. Save the file as a file type of NA Sniffer (DOS).  It will default to the .cap extension.  Change it to a .enc extension.
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  1. On the IXIA click the capture tab, and select view option.
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  1. Right click in the packet area and select import.  Then change the drop down to .enc, and select the file you previously renamed with the .enc extension.
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    1. Right click the packet and select convert to streams, and the packet will show up under you packet streams view.
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    1. Enabled your streams, and enjoy.
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