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How to secure OSPF with an MD5 password in XOS

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TitleHow to secure OSPF with an MD5 password in XOS
In order to secure OSPF communication between two devices it is necessary to specify the authentication type and ensure they match.
  • Summit: All
  • EXOS: All
  1. First determine the MD5 keyID to be used.  
    1. If this is already enabled on a non-Extreme device verify what MD5 keyID is in use. 
  2. Once verified issue the following command on the XOS device:
  3. configure ospf [ vlan [ vlan-name ] | area area-identifier ] authentication md5 md5-key-id md5-key
Additional notes
*If the area argument with area identifier is specified in the command above all VLANs within that area will be enabled for authentication

*NOTE: This article assumes OSPF is already configured; however, if it is not follow the link below for a configuration example

How to configure an OSPF interface in EXOS



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