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How to set ADSP to send reports via email?

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TitleHow to set ADSP to send reports via email?
What is required to configure ADSP to send reports via email?
  • AirDefense
  • ADSP
  • AirDefense Services Platform 
First of all, make sure your Mail Relay server is configured (ADSP uses port 25 by default) under Configuration -> Appliance Settings
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Once confirmed, navigate to ADSP Menu -> Reports

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Pick a report of your choice, fill details and make sure EMAIL is checked and Run Report / Run Unattended
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If you do not see the message delivered, check SPAM folder :-)

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In case you still do not see the message check SMTP / Relay server for SMTP traffic
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Additional notes
You can create your own report using ADSP Menu -> Report Builder
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While creating own Custom report you can also specify the sender and objects within the report
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