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How to set the 5 GHz radio (radio 1) in ExtremeWireless Access Points for the Extended Weather Channels

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TitleHow to set the 5 GHz radio (radio 1) in ExtremeWireless Access Points for the Extended Weather Channels
Setting Radio 1 channels with the DFS Weather channels (120, 124, 128) on the ExtremeWireless Access Points.
ExtremeWireless appliances
All ExtremeWireless Access Points
Firmware 10.41.xx and higher
  • In the Global Default AP radio settings, go to AP/Global/Default Settings.
  • Choose the AP type from the tabs near the top of the window.
  • Under the Radio 1 column, go to the 'Channel Plan' setting.
  • Click the arrow down to see the full menu, and choose the 'Extended Channel with Weather Channel' option.
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  • The same Radio Channel option can be made on the individual Access Points as well.
    • Choose any Access Point configured and homed on the ExtremeWireless appliance.
    • In the Access point pop-up window, click 'Configure' to get to the Access Point setting options.
    • Click the 'Radio 1' tab.
    • Under the 'Basic Radio Settings' section, go to the Channel Plan option.
    • Click the down arrow for the 'Channel Plan' option, and the 'Extended Channel with Weather Channel' option will be the bottom choice.
Additional notes
  • As always, prior to using the Weather Channels for client/data traffic, please ensure that the RF domain for the 5 GHz frequencies are open and there are no possible interference points (airports, weather stations, military bases).
  • The Weather Channels have a Channel Admission Control (CAC) of 10 minutes, versus the 1 minute Check interval for the remaining DFS channels.  This is the waiting time the radio must use to listen for RADAR prior to using the channel.
    • So, if the Channel plan calls for the Access Point's Radio to use a Weather Channel, the radio will be down for 10 minutes in a listening state prior to fully enabling for client use.



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