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How to set the SecureStack stacking priority for management preference

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TitleHow to set the SecureStack stacking priority for management preference
How to set the SecureStack stacking priority for management switch preference to help mitigate moves in management during planned or unplanned reset events.
  • SecureStack - all models
  • All firmware revisions
To set a stack's preferred stack management priority proceed as follows:
  1. Type command show switch <unit#> to determine priority of parameter assigned (Admin Management Preference)
  2. Type command  set  switch <unit#> priority <priority> with 15 being the highest and 1 the lowest
  3. Type show switch <unit#> to verify the change of priority was made to desired value.
  4. Reboot the master switch at a convenient time.
Additional notes
  1. Priority changes may be made only via the CLI.
  2. When setting management priority each switch should have a different value, i.e. no two switches in the same stack should have the same management priority value.
  3. When setting management priority no switch in the stack should have a setting of zero <0>. There is a potential for losing your configuration if a member that didn't have a priority set  (set to zero <0>) comes up as stack manager, such as after a power failure.
  4. To clear priorities, depending on firmware and hardware types and revisions, either set the priority to <0>, execute " clear config all" or  clear the unit back to factory defaults from the boot menu.

Example of switch set to high priority 15 for management unit: 
C5 Stack(su)->show switch 1
Switch                             1
Management Status                  Management Switch
Hardware Management Preference     Unassigned
Admin Management Preference        15
Switch Type                        C5G124-48P
Preconfigured Model Identifier     C5G124-48P
Plugged-in Model Identifier        C5G124-48P
Switch Status                      OK
Switch Description                 Enterasys Networks, Inc. C5 -- Model

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