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How to set-up Filezilla as FTP server for firmware upgrade of the VDX

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TitleHow to set-up Filezilla as FTP server for firmware upgrade of the VDX
Set up File Zilla as FTP server for the VDX upgrade process
  • Network OS
  • VDX All Models
  • Windows OS 
  • Windows firewall and other security software disabled on the host 
  • There is management network reachability to the FTP server, the server is reachable via mgmt-vrf from the VDX
The Setup procedure is as follows

1. Download firmware NOS  and unzip the file
2. We created a folder named Firmware and listed all the firmware under it
User-added image
3. Ensure you find the files inside the folder
User-added image
4. Download Filezilla server from the link given below 5. Install the Filezilla software and do not modify the start-up settings of the server
User-added image
User-added image

6.  Start the Filezilla Server 
  • Do not change the host and port settings on this page
  • Hit connect
  • If it is successful you will see the following screen below

7. Add users, Privileges and pointing to the directory on the host 
  • Click on edit and then click on users
Creation of User
  • Add user
User-added image
  • Enter Username and click OK, in this example we used admin as the username
User-added image
  • Click on the checkbox next to password and enter password for the user (admin) created in the step above
User-added image
  • Add folder
User-added image
  • Browse to the folder which has the firmware, in our case it is the Firmware folder and then click ok
User-added image
User-added image
  • Give all permissions (Read,Write,Delete etc)
User-added image
  • Click on Set as Home directory and finally click ok
User-added image
8. Verify FTP is working on the host
Open your browser and enter ftp://localhost and the enter the username (admin) and password entered above
User-added image
  • Once you see the files listed below it means that the FTP has been set-up correctly on the host
User-added image
9. Use firmware download command on the switch, for example the following command was executed on the switch
sw0#firmware download ftp host directory nos5.0.2c user admin password <string> coldboot

10. If you have reachability to the FTP server you can see logs on the Filezilla server
User-added image

This confirms that Filezilla has been used successfully as an FTP server.
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