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How to set up a Band Preference Group (Band Steering) on IdentiFi Wireless

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TitleHow to set up a Band Preference Group (Band Steering) on IdentiFi Wireless
  • How can I steer clients to the 5GHz band over the 2.4GHz band?
  • Do you offer band steering so clients will prefer AN or AC over BGN?
  • IdentiFi
  • Band Preference
  • Band Steering 
  • All Firmware
The Radio Preference function steers 802.11a/n/ac (5GHz) capable clients towards the 5GHz radio and away from the commonly congested 2.4GHz spectrum.
Access Points enabled with this mode identify 5GHz capable clients and steer them towards the 5GHz radio by not responding to the client Probe requests arriving at the 2.4GHz radio as well as rejecting Authentication and Association Requests with error code 17. Extreme has seen clients that will still prefer the 2.4 over the 5GHz radio even with band steering enabled. 
  1. Select AP along the top of the Menu bar in the GUI of the controller.
  2. Select Load Groups down the left side.
  3. Select Radio Preference and click the New button at the bottom
  4. Type: Select Radio Preference
  5. Give a name to your new group and click the Add button.
  6. Select the Enable under Band Preference
  7. Under AP Assignments check off the boxes of all the AP's you wish to add this feature to
  8. Click on the WLAN Assignment check off the SSID's you wish to apply band preference to
  9. Click Save

Additional Options: 
  1. Load Control - Each ap balances in isolation from the other aps. It's different from the Load Group setting that balance client loads between each ap within the Load Group. If you set a limit of users per radio and that limit is met, the radio will essentially ignore a new request which should force the user to contact another access point close by. If the client is adamant about attaching to the ap with the limit set, the radio will eventually let it on.
  2. If you choose the Strict setting along with a max number and that max number is met, any client that is above the max number will fail to connect to the ap.

Additional notes
Note: The 5GHz band does not reach out as far as the 2.4GHz band so make sure you have proper RF coverage.
Manual pg 176 (requires Extranet log in)

Note you can only do Band Steering or Load Balance (not Load Control) per access point. Both cannot be active at the same time. 



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